Scenic Panoramas of Positano

Scenic Panoramas of Positano

We left Rome and boarded the high-speed train to Salerno.

The trains don’t go to Positano, so we had to switch to either the ferry or a bus.

Since we missed the ferry, we had to wait for a bus and decided to grab an espresso at Puro Caffe Salerno.


When we got to Amalfi, we had to switch to a different bus that would then take us to Positano.


Many parts of the Amalfi Coast still have buildings that were built centuries ago, with newer construction developed on top of them like you see in this photo. This highlights the contrast between the architectural design of the different eras.


The view from the bus on the winding cliff-side roads from Amalfi to Positano was gorgeous to say the least.


After carrying our luggage up the hundreds of steps to our hotel room, we grabbed lunch at Caffe Positano which has a stunning view of the sea and the colorful buildings on the hillside.

My meal consisted of prosciutto with melon, which was very savory.


Positano is the crown jewel of the entire Amalfi Coast and has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to picturesque views.

The clear sunny skies and the tranquility of the blue sea dotted with boats and yachts added to the beauty of the panorama.


Positano is an oasis in the modern world and we definitely never wanted to leave.

If the climb up the hundreds of steps doesn’t take your breath away, the spectacular views will.


We stayed at Hotel Casa Albertina where we had stupendous views from our rooftop terrace.

Days can be filled sipping glasses of limoncello while gazing at the spectacular splash of colors on the hillside homes.


The handbag I’m carrying was purchased at a local market in Mexico City while I was on an extended layover during a work trip.

My 2-piece crop top maxi skirt set I surprisingly found on Amazon and was relatively inexpensive.

Because the Amalfi Coast is known for the production of lemons, I thought this outfit would be the perfect fashion statement. Little did I know it would become a conversation starter among other tourists in Positano who were asking about my attire.


For our last dinner in Positano, we decided to wear semi-formal clothing as we went to celebrate the end of what had been a dream vacation.

As we were walking to dinner, I decided to stop into Nana’ Positano and had a pair of sandals made for me. I was overly impressed by the quality of the shoes given the price and the level of detail that the owner put into making sure that they fit me perfectly.

Our dinner at Chez Black was great, and even included a local band that came to our table to serenade us as we enjoyed our food. This was a fitting end to our stay in Positano, and one that we will cherish until our next trip back.

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Charmed by Capri

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