The Allure of Venice

The Allure of Venice


Not a lot of places come close to the romantic aura that one experiences when in Venice.

Although Italy has many types of travel, we chose the Fast Train between the major cities that we were traveling to. Based on some online research, Trenitalia was going to be the most convenient for us and we didn’t experience any problems with them.


We purchased the Global Pass, which gives you the flexibility of selecting how many days you’ll be using the fast train to travel between the major cities. A Business Class ticket offers more luggage space and complimentary snacks during the trip.

You will still need to make individual reservations for each trip even though you have the Global Pass. This can be done either through the Trenitalia kiosks located throughout the train stations, or with the agents at the Trenitalia ticket offices in the terminals. Give yourself enough time to complete this before your train’s scheduled departure as you will not have an assigned seat number on your ticket.


Venice is a wonderful place to get lost in because every street boasts a beautiful view of a different canal.


The Grand Canal is the most popular and main waterway in Venice.


San Marco Square is one of the most popular tourist sites in Venice, and has lots of shops and restaurants to choose from.


It was a warm and sunny day so I chose to wear a pair of high-waisted linen shorts with a white body suit paired with my denim jacket.

A wide-brimmed straw hat goes well with my vintage straw bag that was handed down to me from my grandmother.

A simple but comfortable pair of sneakers worked well given there was lots of walking involved in Venice.


The city structure is profoundly influenced by the abundance of canals as well as the slowly rising water levels. For this reason, it would be an incomplete trip if you don’t at least experience a tour through the Grand Canal.

The Rialto Bridge provided a great vantage point for onlookers that were watching the historic Regatta event, which was quite an amazing spectacle.


I highly recommend taking a ride on the famed gondolas that dominate the canals around Venice.

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